Expert advice and support on the design, development and use of vertiport platform areas

Safeguard Vertiports is a subsidiary of Safeguard Engineering Ltd.

Safeguard Engineering Ltd is a leading Safety Management consultancy that incorporates Safeguard Helidecks which is a fully accredited Aviation Inspection Body. 

Safeguard Vertiports

The Safeguard Vertiports’ team is at the forefront of the expansion into Advanced Air Mobility.  We have been working alongside a consortium of other specialist companies including Urban-Air Port, Altitude Angel and Malloy Aeronautics, to help develop the world’s first fully operational Vertiport in Coventry. 

Launched on 25th April, “Air-One” is a demonstration of a deployable operations hub for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), using a vertiport landing area certified by Safeguard Vertiports.  

Vertiport landing area at Coventry Air One Display
Supernal SA-1

The Development of Vertiports

A vertiport is designed for use by aircraft such as unmanned electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) taxi vehicles and drones. They can be a simple, small site developed to operate a single eVTOL, or a more complex multi-spot site designed to operate multiple eVTOLs.  Vertiports will underpin the development of Urban Air Mobility (UAM), providing a safe and secure area for air taxi operators, cargo operators and the people using them. 

New regulations and legislation are required by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for this developing technology and Safeguard Vertiports are working with the regulators to develop an assessment and certification process that can be applied to all future Vertiports worldwide. 

The launch of Air Architecture®

The UK government is championing the development of air corridors for future electric air taxis and autonomous logistics drones. UK-based industry leaders Urban-Air Port, Altitude Angel and Safeguard Vertiports, created a partnership to design the air architecture for this burgeoning sector, which is safe, fit for purpose, clean and connected.

These ‘air roads’ will enable people and cargo to travel by manned and unmanned eVTOL vehicles and drones. This world-first infrastructure programme is a significant step towards unlocking a future of clean urban air mobility for the UK and will provide a model for other countries to follow.

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hyundai and urban air port unveil wo
Visual representation of the Air-One® site with a Hyundai Motor Group eVTOL in the centre of Coventry.  Image Copyright © Urban-Air Port Ltd

Our work with Urban-Air Port

Safeguard Vertiports has worked alongside Urban-Air Port to provide advice and Certification for their Air One Vertiport Landing Area. This exciting new technology was demonstrated in Coventry on the 25th April 2022 and is a partnership between Hyundai Air Mobility (a division of Hyundai Motor Group), Coventry City Council and the UK Government’s Future Flight Challenge. 

eVTOL air taxis and logistics drones have highly accurate vertical take-off and landing capabilities so do not need a long runway or large landing areas, allowing Urban-Air Ports to be positioned in the areas of greatest demand and closest proximity to connecting infrastructure such as rail hubs.

The team from Safeguard Vertiports has been advising on this exciting project whilst simultaneously working with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to develop a certification process that can be applied to all future Vertiports worldwide.

2021 Yachting Season and Covid 19

Despite the restrictions of working within the current Covid-19 guidelines the helidecks team has remained busy providing design and operational consultancy for single and multiple superyacht helidecks. We have also welcomed another maritime aviation expert to our team. Chris Lemon has 24 years operational management experience within the Royal Navy and joins us as a Senior Helideck Certification Officer.

If you are looking for expert helideck certification services then get in touch with our Operations Manager, Chris Wood at: